Marketing & Promtion

How, when and where?

Spending money wisely is necessary for creating best communication tools’. That is what we suggest.
Our mixed marketing agenda for both online and offline promotions is aimed at generating leads, building attention, developing the database and creating the scope of 'need'.

Print and Electronic Media Advertising -- Out of sight out of mind

The changing dynamics of business and widening horizons of knowledge across the globe has created a fast track path of new idea generation. But, the question is - how many succeeds??

Strategic Promotions -- Planning your move

A promotion can be both tactical and strategic. We choose the strategic approach for planning promotions as it is more efficient and cost effective. It enables one offer to build on a previous one and forge continuity. It also helps in communicating long term psychological values, producing considerable savings in time, money and speeding up the response process. We plan your promotions such that they have the desired effect on your consumers and thus, leading to increase in brand loyalty.

Campaign Markets -- Walk the line

We specialize in creating and implementing effective through-the-line promotional marketing campaigns which build profitable sales. Our work delivers maximum creative standout whilst maximizing the return on investment for your promotional budget. Campaign marketing specializes in developing value-added promotional marketing, which is a vital part of marketing mix because it has an immediate and instant measurable impact on the sales.

Online Marketing -- Using technology to its best

Internet has added a lot of benefits to marketing by lowering the cost of reaching out to a global audience. Being interactive in nature helps in eliciting and getting instant responses. By using internet marketing, we put together creative and technological resources and develop both ATL and BTL campaigns.

We also undertake aspects of internet marketing like placement of media along different stages of the customer engagement cycle through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Affiliate Marketing, Banner Ads on specific websites and Web 2.0 strategies.