Internationl Buisness Advisory Services

To promote the Indian companies abroad and facilitate Foreign Direct Investment in the North Eastern part of India. We provide Professional Consultancy, Market Research, Networking and Linkages together with other logistic and adminitrative services.

Our services include

Wireless security management requires a particularly high level of equipment reliability. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, AIPL manages very large volumes of data and meets the highest requirements in terms of continuity of service. Long-term investment is a key factor in the success of remote security management. AIPL Technologies has taken this in to account in developing an extremely reliable system based on the principle of flexibility and designed to be future proof.

Visit Programs - arrange for business appointments and co-ordinate logistics.
Trade Missions - for government and non-government agencies.
Market Survey - to define your entry strategy.
Partner Identification - to give you the right connection.
Exhibition Support- to free you from all hassles.